We are in a Book

Image result for we are in a book cover

No, not that book!

We are in THIS book


Who are the authors?

This book was written by the instructor and students of a graduate-level course for preservice school and public youth services librarians titled Instruction for Youth in School and Public Libraries. The instructor, Dr. Casey H. Rawson, edited the text and wrote or co-wrote several chapters. Other chapter authors include:

  • Jim Curry
  • Melissa Ferens
  • Tessa Gibson
  • Haley Young Ferreira
  • Rachel Morris
  • Dezarae Osborne
  • Casey H. Rawson
  • Mara Rosenberg
  • Ness Clarke Shortley
  • Brittany Soder
  • Rachel~Anne Spencer
  • Alexa Dunbar Stewart
  • Gina Wessinger


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